Andrew Stephenson appointed as Minister Of State For Health

Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson has been appointed as a Minister of State in the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) in the latest ministerial reshuffle.

As the new ‘Minister for Health and Secondary Care’, Stephenson would be looking after elective care recovery and screening, as well as the fight against
major diseases like cancer, diabetes and stroke, as reported by Burnley Express.

“Helping NHS services recover from the legacy of the pandemic, whilst dealing with winter pressures and the challenges of inflation will not be easy, but it is
a challenge I am looking forward to,” Stephenson told Burnley Express.

“I am also keen to ensure that significant manifesto commitments, such as the pledge to deliver 50,000 nurses and 40 new hospitals remain on track. Especially as
one of those 40 new hospitals is Airedale, which is used by so many Colne and West Craven residents,” he added.