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Penetrant Testing (PT), also known as dye penetrant testing, is based on the capillary action that causes a liquid to rise when confined to a small opening and the surface... Read More

Advantage of 3D Laser scanning and BIM modeling in Architectural construction project are, A 3D architectural model can enhance Building Design project visualization for clients and stakeholders. Since most people are... Read More

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Welder Training, Welder Test and Certification: In all industry sectors, codes and standards cover all aspects of the design and fabrication of welded components, including method requirements, quality control and assurance... Read More

Magnetic Particle Testing – Eiwaa Saudi

EIWAA Gulf rock is a best NDT Company in Saudi Arabia offers all the conventional and Advanced NDT Services. For the purpose of finding surface and shallow subsurface discontinuities in... Read More

EIWAA have a project management and Engineering team provides Design Engineering, Risk based Inspection, Asset Integrity Management and Mechanical Maintenance Services. Design Engineering service may Onshore and offshore structural engineering.... Read More