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Elopement Autism | IF I NEED HELP

Elopement Autism At If I Need Help, we address one of the most pressing concerns faced by families and caregivers of individuals with autism: elopement or wandering. The sudden and unexplained... Read More

Dementia Wandering Prevention Wandering or elopement is a common and sometimes dangerous behavior among dementia patients. As a community, we are committed to offering tools and solutions that will help.May wander... Read More

Autism Drowning | IF I NEED HELP

Autism Drowning Autism is frequently associated with a strong attraction to water combined with a lack of awareness of its dangers increasing the risk of drowning. Understanding the risk factors associated... Read More


Shoe iD Tag The Shoe iD Tag is another essential product from the If I Need Help catalog, dedicated to enhancing the safety of individuals with special needs. In our quest... Read More

Sensory Processing Disorder | IF I NEED HELP

Sensory Processing Disorder Sensory Processing Disorder, or SPD, is a nuanced brain-related condition that influences how people interpret and react to various sensory cues from the world around them. It comes... Read More

Behaviorial Therapy | IF I NEED HELP

Behaviorial Therapy ABA therapy is a type of behavioral therapy that uses positive reinforcement to help individuals develop new, constructive behaviors and skills. It focuses on areas such as communication, behavior,... Read More

Autism Diagnosis | IF I NEED HELP

Autism Diagnosis Getting an autism diagnosis can be a difficult and overwhelming process. It is important to understand the steps involved in getting the diagnosis, what to do with the results... Read More

Autism Safety Products | IF I NEED HELP

Autism Safety Products Living with autism presents distinct challenges that require tailored approaches to safety, communication, and well-being. That's why we offer a range of products designed specifically for the needs... Read More

Autism Drowning | IF I NEED HELP

Many autistic people are drawn to water but lack the skills essential to be safe. And we are here to help you avoid getting entangled in this awful scenario. Our Autism... Read More

Autism medical alert seat belt cover The Autism Medical Alert Seat Belt Cover is a unique product from If I Need Help. When it comes to caring for individuals with autism,... Read More