Breast Cancer survivors face heightened risk of second cancers, new research reveals

A groundbreaking study analysing data from nearly 600,000 cancer patients in England has shed light on the increased risk of second cancers among breast
cancer survivors.

The research conducted by University of Cambridge in association with the Lancet Regional Health-Europe studied data from over 580,000 female and over 3,500 male
breast cancer survivors diagnosed between 1995 and 2019 using the National Cancer Registration Dataset.

The findings suggest that survivors of breast cancer, the most prevalent cancer in the UK, face a substantially higher risk of developing second primary cancers.

According to the research, female survivors exhibited a twofold increase in the risk of contralateral breast cancer compared to the general population.

The data highlighted an 87 per cent greater risk of endometrial cancer, a 58 per cent greater risk of myeloid leukemia, and a 25 per cent greater risk of ovarian
cancer in female survivors.