Dental and pharmacy technicians to free up appointments; get more power to supply meds

In a move to make healthcare more accessible, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has announced plans to empower pharmacy technicians, dental
therapists, and hygienists with enhanced authority following two public consultations run by the government in 2023.

Revealed by Primary Care Minister Andrea Leadsom on Thursday 28th March, this strategic decision promises to usher in “a faster, simpler, and fairer access to
primary care” by granting pharmacy professionals “the ability to both supply and administer medications”.

Based on the public consultations that garnered widespread support, with 97% backing the empowerment of dental hygienists and therapists and 84% favouring similar
rights for pharmacy technicians, the new reform is aimed to cut through bureaucratic red tape and bolster efficiency in patient care.

Dental hygienists and therapists, under the proposed change, will be empowered to administer select medications, including pain relief and fluoride, without the
need for dentist approval.