Epilepsy treatment: England to roll out new laser beam surgery next month

Good news for patients whose epilepsy cannot be controlled by standard anti-seizure drugs! Next month, NHS England will introduce a cutting-edge laser beam
therapy that can prevent seizures in these individuals.

Known as Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy (LITT), the advanced treatment targets the part of the brain causing seizures without the need for invasive surgery,
the health service said.

The new fibre optic laser therapy is being offered at King’s College Hospital in London and The Walton Centre in Liverpool. Starting from June, it will be gradually
extended to eligible patients across England.

Each year, it is expected to benefit up to 50 epilepsy patients in England who are resistant to standard anti-seizure medications.

“This groundbreaking new treatment will change the lives of those with severe epilepsy improving quality of life and providing much-needed assurance,” said Andrew
Stephenson, Minister of State for Health.