Loneliness epidemic: Over half of Europeans ‘often or occasionally’ feel lonely

Despite being more connected than ever, the majority of Europeans are experiencing feelings of loneliness. The STADA Health Report 2024, released on Monday,
revealed that over half (52 per cent) of Europeans “always, often or occasionally” feel lonely.

Although the younger generation reports the highest levels of overall happiness, they are the ones most affected by this current loneliness epidemic.

Nearly two-thirds (63 per cent) of Europeans aged 18 to 35 reported feeling lonely, compared to 41 percent of those aged 55 and older – according to the report,
based on a survey of over 46,000 respondents aged 18 to 99 across 32 countries.

Extensive screen time is contributing to increased loneliness among younger people. Europeans under the age of 34 are much more likely to spend long hours on
their devices (41 per cent) than those aged 35–54 (22 per cent) and those over 55 (13 per cent).

The survey found that people who spend a “long” or “fair” amount of time on social media were significantly more prone to feelings of loneliness compared to
those who restrict their screen time. Moreover, extensive screen time was also associated with more intense feelings of loneliness.