Paneer Aur Cheese Mein Kya Antar Hai
Cheese and Panner They are two distinct kind of milk-based food. Paneer Aur Cheese Mein Kya Antar Hai The process by which they are manufactured is the main distinction between the two. To make panner, sometimes called cottage cheese or Indian cheese, milk is separated into its liquid and solid components. Rennet is added to milk to force it to coagulate and form curds, which is how cheese is formed. Both are created by separating the milk’s liquid and solid components, but the processing methods are different.

Usually prepared fresh, paneer is eaten while cheese is stored to develop its flavour over time. Compared to other cheeses, paneer has a milder flavour and a softer texture. Compared to paneer, cheese contains more fat and calories.

Cheese has a longer shelf life than paneer, keeping up to six months in the freezer. They can both be utilised to create really tasty dishes, which is one thing they share in common.