Rewarding business ideas for developing a career in mental health

Following centuries of stigma, the importance of mental wellness is finally matching that of physical healthcare.

Conditions such as depression have become common topics in the media, particularly in the last few years as celebrities and experts warned against the pressures of
social media. The bouts of isolation connected with the Covid-19 pandemic exacerbated the issue, with the British Medical Association declaring a UK mental health
crisis at the end of 2022.

This media attention has led to acknowledgement of the realities of mental health problems from the government and medical sector, and a recognition that these
need to be approached differently to physical ailments when it comes to providing treatment.

If you are motivated to be involved in this rapidly changing industry, consider these rewarding business ideas for developing a career in mental health.

Become a counsellor

Counselling is a broad term, but essentially it is the practice of having impartial conversation with patients about their life experiences with a view to overcoming
emotional obstacles and trauma. Training can take three to five years depending on whether you are getting a degree or diploma, and there are many opportunities to
specialise both during and after your education.

Psychotherapy is a similar field, but this is a more academically focused course that tends to be concerned with long-term or particularly complex mental health
issues. You will need a post-graduate qualification and several years of training to become certified.