SOFTWARE PLATFORM SITEMINDER, led by CEO Sankar Narayan, has partnered with PMS software developer Cloudbeds to provide more service to its 60,000 hotelier
clients. The collaboration allows Cloudbeds clients direct access to SiteMinder’s revenue platform, while SiteMinder users can leverage Cloudbeds’ PMS platform.

“In late 2023, we announced our mission of making sophisticated revenue management accessible to every hotel in the world,” said Narayan. “We are excited to
partner with an industry leader like Cloudbeds to propel this mission, by removing the friction that comes with having critical data hidden away in isolated
systems. This partnership is a testament to the $50 billion hotel revenue that is processed by SiteMinder’s platform each year as well as the unique position that
we hold to completely transform revenue management for the global hotel industry. It continues SiteMinder’s long history of breaking down silos in a
highly-fragmented industry.”