Surge in stroke cases could cost UK £75bn by 2035, charity warns

In the next 10 years, the incidence of first-time stroke cases in the UK is projected to increase by 60 per cent, costing the government £75bn in
healthcare and lost productivity, a charity has suggested.

A new manifesto published by the Stroke Association has urged the next UK government to make stroke “the priority”, stressing that the next decade is crucial
for stroke prevention, treatment and recovery.

Currently, stroke is the UK’s fourth biggest killer and a leading cause of disability. On a daily basis, 281 individuals experience a stroke. Next year, the cost
of stroke in the UK will be £43 billion.

The charity predicted that by 2035, there will be 151,000 hospital admissions due to stroke every year, averaging 414 admissions per day, with 42,000 people
estimated to die every year.

In 2035, the UK is projected to have 2.1 million stroke survivors, imposing a financial burden of £75 billion on the public purse, nearly half the current NHS budget.