UKHSA and Pirbright Institute collaborate to develop vaccines against henipaviruses

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) and The Pirbright Institute have launched a new collaboration to develop vaccines against henipavirus, a genus of
viruses that includes Nipah virus.

Funded by the Medical Research Council, this research aims to develop a vaccine that provides cross protection against the whole genus, addressing the threat of
outbreaks from new or emerging henipaviruses and strengthening epidemic preparedness.

Scientists at UKHSA will evaluate the protective efficacy of vaccines developed by The Pirbright Institute by using use a model of Nipah virus disease, which
mimics the infection in humans.

Professor Isabel Oliver, chief scientific officer at UKHSA, stated that the study would improve understanding of henipaviruses and enhance efforts to protect
health from this “current and future global health threat.”

“The work will also make a vital contribution to the 100 Days Mission – an important initiative to make sure the world is better prepared for the next pandemic
by accelerating the development of diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines,” he added.