Why is Sunoo Enhypen called him “kim Dongsan”?

today i will be tell you about Enhypen Sunoo some profile, fact, career and other thing’s discuss this blog. Sunoo is a k-pop idol from boy group Enhypen. He debuted in reality show I-Land on November 30, 2020. Sunoo always big dream for a become K-Pop idol. Sunno is from Suwon city, Gyeonggi, South korea. Sunoo has been selected on selection round with 935,771 point, but HYBE Lable producer’s are choice him because of his dedication and uplifting potential capability. Then Sunoo join Enhypen as a seventh member and debut on November 2020. Enhypen Sunoo his fandom called is “Sunshines”. “Sunoo Enhypen” have a older sister. His real name is Kim Sunoo. He is a Christian idol.