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Ramadan is a month of fasting, prayer, and reflection for Muslims all around the world. The last ten days of Ramadan, known as “Laylat Al-Qadr” or “The Night of Power,”... Read More

Every adult Muslim who possesses a minimum amount of wealth, known as Nisab, is obligated to pay Zakat. The Nisab threshold is calculated based on the current value of gold... Read More

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How to Pick Exciting Gemstone Jewelry – Suitable for All Occasions in 2023

As per occasions jewellery can be of two types subtle and statement jewellery. Jewelry that is subtle tends to be more understated and has a calming impact. These are frequently... Read More

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Opal Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry,Sagacia Jewelry

The stunning Opal is linked with the planet Venus, a symbol of love, creativity, and intimate relationship. It is a rich stone spanning its history for thousands of years, specifically... Read More

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paper straws manufacturer in india

One of the leading paper straw manufacturers in India is Straws Unlimited. They offer a wide range of paper straws made from food grade FSC certified paper. Their designs range... Read More

He also provides practical tips and techniques to help them maintain a positive outlook on life, even during challenging times. Suresh is considered the best motivational speaker on wellness, inspiring... Read More