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Data Processing for Machine Learning & AI

Macgence is a leading Language & AI Data Sourcing company; we provide a one-stop service of translation, Transcription, Auditing, Subtitling & fully managed AI / ML data solutions for every... Read More

Field Service Management Software – Invoice Management

Field Service Management Software to manage invoices automatically, send invoices in a single click, and ensure on-the-spot payments. Field Service Invoicing Software–to help businesses quickly, create, send, manage invoices, and... Read More

Marketing automation consultant services are a type of marketing consulting that helps businesses improve their marketing efforts by automating repetitive tasks and providing insights into customer behavior. Consultants can help... Read More

Uplevel Systems provides Managed IT Services to Small Businesses to help them ensure business security, continuity & flexibility. Managed IT services for small businesses | Secured Remote Services | Managed It... Read More

When front-end app calls the server-api app, then by default the server returns the request but browser intercepts that request and stops the client app from getting it.... Read More

Know JWT Token? It is used in modern Asp.Net application for make it more secure and reliable. JWT or Json web token is used to authenticate the calls of application,... Read More

Many people either beginner or with experience struggle to get when to exactly make a class static or when to use a static class. Situation where we need a... Read More

What is Intersection Observer, It gives a smooth scrolling, experience to the user, Lazy-loading of images or other elements as the page is scrolled, ​ Optimize bandwidth usage.... Read More

Our comprehensive EDI 834 Transaction Guide will help you unlock a successful trading operation. To simplify the enrolment and maintenance of benefits, you will find essential steps, best practices as... Read More

DevOps is the hot new way of working, and it’s being adopted by many organizations. DevOps is a culture that helps people work together to continuously enhance existing technology and... Read More